Thomas A. Oehser
   4020 64th Street - Bethesda, MD 20816-2618 - 301-320-5786

   Full life cycle
   Project management, requirements analysis, scope assessment, system
   architecture, design, team leadership, EAI, JAD, RAD, UML OOAD,
   eXtreme Programming, quality assurance, deployment, re-engineering,
   training, performance tuning, troubleshooting, project review metrics.
   J2EE - Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, EJBs, HTML/DHTML/XML/XHTML, Web
   Services (SOAP, UDDI, WSDL). SilverStream eXtend AppServer, Composer,
   JBroker, and Director. ECMAScript/JavaScript. Weblogic, iPlanet,
   WebSphere, and the Sun J2EE Reference Implementation.
   Unix and Linux system administration and development. C/C++, Oracle,
   Sybase, DNS, LDAP, CVS, PVCS, and Sendmail expertise. Security,
   encryption, PKI, and related technologies. All web technologies and
   Past Mastery
   MVS, PowerBuilder, Open Client/Open Server, CICS, COBOL2, x86/ALC,
   JCL, MicroFocus, REXX, MQ, BASIC, TSO/ISPF, Datacom/DB, Intertest,
   Roscoe/RPF, VSAM, 370/BAL/ALC, OS/2, Framework/FRED, CLIST, DB2,
   Forth, Strobe, Xpediter, SQLWindows, Realia, IDMS/ADSO, VSE/ICCF, RPG,
   DYL, ACL/E.
   Expert Linux skills. I created and maintain a popular small Linux
   distribution ( used for system administration,
   recommended in works such as the O'Reilly Unix Backup and Recovery.

   Responsibility & Contribution
   Positions offering opportunities to contribute to enterprise
   architecture and technology selection as well as to lead programmer or
   project teams.

   Please respond by e-mail to Tom@Toms.NET if at all possible.
   Must be within or on the I-495 Capital Beltway or will telecommute.
   Excellent references available upon request.
   Requirements available upon request. Competitive inquiries only,
   Resume updates
   Will be posted to when available.

   SilverStream Software
   J2EE Java Application Server ISV
   Senior Consulting Engineer supporting all aspects of SilverStream J2EE
   (Java server) services including planning, installation, design,
   development, troubleshooting, and education. Recent achievements
   include an instrumental role in the design, development and deployment
   of the U.S. Army's first web-based enterprise application, the Army
   Human Resource System PERSCOM PERSTEMPO system with Northrop Grumman
   IT (Logicon/PRC) and EDS.
   Financial Corp. - Now ING
   Technical Team Lead, Senior Technologist, Lead Systems Analyst, and
   Systems Consultant II in a large n-tier EAI Client-Server environment.
   Clients include a PowerBuilder customer service workbench, voice
   response units, HTTP clients, and imaging systems. Mid-tier built in
   Java, C, and SQL and run on HP/UX, Solaris, and Linux. Over 60 legacy
   systems on the back end (mostly MVS) connected with multiple forms of
   real-time gateways, replications, screen scraping, custom bridges, and
   asynchronous queues. We are currently extending in house a Java
   framework running under both iPlanet (Kiva/NAS) and Weblogic and
   migrating business logic out of the clients. I led the proof of
   concept evaluations of both BEA Weblogic and IBM Websphere to replace
   (Now Perot)
   Telecommunications Billing
   Senior Analyst using MicroFocus, COBOL2, CICS, OS2, NT, MSAccess,
   Oracle, DOS, C; design and development in a telecommunications billing
   and telemanagement environment. Responsible for tariff and V&H
   systems, MicroFocus conversion, and OS/2 and Windows technical
   support. Modified MicroFocus IFH routines for VSAM path access.
   Senior Programmer Analyst working in CICS, COBOL2, DATACOM,
   development at U.S. Customs Service Headquarters. Developed online
   database applications for the Automated Commercial Systems of the
   USCS. Implemented large systems - terabytes of data across hundreds of
   tables. Treasury background investigation and clearance to sensitive
   (Now ReliaStar)
   Life Insurance
   Senior Programmer Analyst providing life insurance application
   support. Tax reporting and Investment Management. Evaluation of new
   technology. Designed, coded, documented, and provided training for
   CICS systems.
   Health Insurance
   Programmer, One of a 3-person MIS staff (myself, a manager, and an
   operator), with wide responsibilities. Programming, scheduling,
   execution, some systems programming (DASD, VTAM and VSAM tuning).
   Montgomery Data Systems
   Service Bureau
   Operator/Programmer. Wrote utilities in BAL including CCW (channel
   command word) programming. Managed the Tartan Data Entry system.
   Converted ATLAS TP-monitor systems to CICS. Operational support.
   Current as of: 11/19/2001