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Hi, this is my personal home page. Click small pictures to see big ones.
I, Thomas Arthur Oehser to64.jpg, was born May 6th, 1962 to Joan Uppington Williams Oehser 3200971004184448.jpg and Gordon Vincent Oehser gvo.jpg. I was engaged to be married to Sundance Metelsky sunny.jpg on December 12th, 1993. My son Béla Wolfgang Zoltán bela.jpg Seaton Williams Metelsky Oehser was born November 19th, 1995, my daughter Zina Xena zina.jpg Metelsky Oehser was born March 9th, 2000. Sundance sunny.jpg and I were married invite.jpg on May 7th, 2001, here is a wedding webpage. My recent interests (as of 2007) include improving my swimming strokes, taking good care of my home and family, and going to the GoGo, more about which can be found on GOGOBEAT.COM, a directory for Washington DC Go-Go Music. I like bands like Back Yard (BYB), Junk Yard (JYB), Rare Essence (RE), the Familiar Faces, TCB, Reaction, and a hundred more... again, see gogobeat.

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