Get the .tar.gz file to install tomsrtbt from GNU/Linux.
Get the file to install from DOS or Windows-9x.
Get the .ElTorito.288.bin.bz2 one to burn a bootable CD.
Sunsite UTK
PlanetMirror http
PlanetMirror ftp
aarnet (AU/NZ only)
Nota Bene: If you want to find a close local mirror, fish in the mirrors of the mirrors of the ibiblio and tucows mirrors. The Tux and Utk sites above are both in the US. But I think ibiblio and tucows get mirrored to lots of places. I don't mirror the their lists of mirrors here.
The md5sum of tomsrtbt.raw in 2.0.103 is 432afe3e1c2109525115cc4c728fa413